Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Using Vintage Books and Game Boards

There is no doubt about it, I am an old soul. I have always liked old things - photographs, books, buttons, nick-nacks, and more. So, it is no surprise that I enjoy incorporating vintage ephemera into my handmade books.

Recently, I went to an antique store - a great outing for an old soul like me. I purchased some vintage books and two antique game boards and am in the process of constructing Coptic bound books. I love the idea of taking these old unused objects, adding new thread, new blank paper, and creating a different structure in order to create a practical item. In this way, these old books have new life. While working with these old books, I wonder about the former owners. Who was the first person to receive the book or game board? Was it a gift or did they purchase it on their own. Did they relish and enjoy the book or did it end up on a bookshelf unread? Some of the books have names written on the inside cover. Who were these people and what important things did they do in life? In 70 years, will people wonder this about me when finding my books? Will people still read actual books in 2081?

I must admit, however, that I feel guilty when cutting the book block out of its case. To lessen my guilt, I cut out the illustrations. Perhaps, they can be used in other projects. Hopefully, the former owners won't mind that I destroyed their possession. Instead, perhaps they will be honored that I chose their item to create a handmade journal that will bring relaxation and joy to someone living today!

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