Sunday, January 11, 2009


I used to sit at the kitchen table and watch my grandfather draw pictures of fictional towns, trains, and other rural scenes on pieces of cardboard or old scraps of paper that he had laying around. I yearned for the ability to draw. Over the years, I realized that was not my gift and I searched to find my own creative outlet.

In 2004, through the inspiration of some artistic friends, I picked up an X-acto knife and started carving black paper. Thinking back to the enjoyment of painting as a child, I bought some water color paints and once again went to work, this time with the intent of integrating the painting with the cut black paper square. When all was said and done, I had created a blank greeting card that had a stained glass look to it. I celebrated at having finally found a creative outlet - one that could bring me pleasure and room to grow.

Over the years, this form of relaxation continues and I have made hundreds of greeting cards with these colorful one of a kind panels. Because I could never use the cards myself, I started selling them and giving them away to friends and relatives. Obsessively, I continued making more.

In 2006, I came across a professional book artist at a local art fair. She offered classes and eagerly, I signed up. Over the years, I have enjoyed working with her and learning more about book binding and other related forms 0f creative expression. I still make blank greeting cards although, much of my creative energy goes into cutting paper, sewing folded sections, creating covers, and enjoying the accomplishment of a new book!

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