Friday, April 9, 2010

My Plunge Into Etsy

A number of years ago, a colleague of mine (who also happens to be a very good friend), went to a craft show in northern Missouri. She met a potter who made this wonderful tall sleeping man mug. The potter was telling my friend how she had not made many sales in her actual brick and mortar shop; in fact, she had barely enough money to buy the clay that she needed. After joining Etsy, this artist found great success selling her work online. (I am not sure who the artist is, but would be interested in knowing if anyone in cyberspace happens to know.)

At the time, my bookbinding endeavours were relatively new. But, I kept this story in the back of my mind. Once my products got to the point in which I felt as though they were "quality enough" to share with others, I considered the idea of selling them online. In December of 2008, I took the plunge, setting up my account. I sold my first two items within hours and days of posting my first few items. While this initial success slowed, I have enjoyed the challenges and joys of selling online. I have especially enjoyed the personal connections that I have made with people from all over the globe.

My friend retired last spring. Now, I am preparing to move to Massachusetts. She came to my classroom the other day, bringing this clay figure with her. She is gifting it to me. Not only does it remind me of the valued friendship that we share, but also of my journey into the world of Etsy. I look forward to putting this functional sculpture right along with my other treasured art supplies once I get my new "art space" set up - be that a closet (like I have now) or a whole room.

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  1. That's a great story, Stephen. I like to hear how others got started in their Etsy businesses.
    That pot is so sculptural and looks so friendly... a lovely item to have in your workspace, to remind you of a good friend, cheer you and give you somewhere to store some bookbinding tools too!